Concerning Me…

‘Rivendell’-my home and one true love

I’ve never been one to broadcast my life story or bore you with details of my middle-class upbringing in a happy household (despite what those closest to me may tell you), however, it only seems appropriate to know a little more about the person who will undoubtedly try to shove her ideas onto you through this blog. Rest easy, this won’t be some long-winded post about my parents, my first pet or my political preferences, but I believe some details about me are in order.

My name is Megan Adler, and as I mentioned before, I grew up in a very happy household in Dubbo, NSW, ‘the land down under’. I am a very proud Aussie and country gal, having recently moved to the coastal jewel (in my opinion) that is Wollongong.

‘But why move from the beautiful, wide open spaces and greenery of the country, that you know and love?’ you may ask. A not-so-terrible result in my HSC prompted me to seek higher education, and where better to study than the coast? Not as busy or crowded as Sydney, a little more exciting than any rural town, and the perfect place in my mind’s eye to study a communication and media degree for the next four and a half years.

Some other details to note; I am an organisational nut and possibly one of the very few uni students who actually enjoys studying (no, I am not insane). My career goal is to end up in media, specifically broadcast journalism, or perhaps entertainment journalism (You never know!). I am in love with all things film, border collies and health/fitness. Though beware, I am a huge nerd and many of my posts may well be about the latest Marvel spin-offs or the last Jedi, and much of the content on my blog will be littered with film references that you probably won’t get, though you’re just going to have to endure. However, as part of my communications degree, my topics will be diverse and you may find some of my posts agreeable and to your liking (much is my hope), so keep on reading.

There’s not much more to say about myself that won’t bore you to death, so i’ll leave you with this final parting;

‘I’m just a simple country girl, trying to make her way in the world.’

Happy Reading,

Meg xo


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