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Who has more fun? The ongoing debate of blondes vs. brunettes

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A discussion that has long plagued the minds and chat rooms of women and men alike, still remains unanswered. Do men prefer blondes over brunettes? Do blondes really have more fun than their sophisticated and professional counterparts? Are brunettes doomed to a life of boredom and being overshadowed by their platinum sisters?

The typical discussion goes something like this;

A-Blondes are fun-loving, carefree and easily approachable.

B-Brunettes are studious, employable and reliable.

This discussion has always puzzled me. How can a woman’s hair color determine the kind of person they are? I myself am a natural blonde, though my hair color has slowly gotten darker over the years, and with a little help from bottled product, I claim membership to the brunette club. But does that mean I used to be a fun, carefree person, who after going through a color change, is now more reliable, smart and sophisticated. (Haha no, that’s not how it works)

The apex moment that sparked this debate has been argued by many to go back to the 50’s, summed up in one name; Marilyn Munroe.

Munroe was considered the pinnacle of beauty, with her blonde locks and fun loving attitude. Having been such an influential figure in the media during the time, Munroe’s blonde locks were sought after by every housewife and impressionable woman who wanted to perceive the same care-free and fun-loving nature as the famed celebrity, who brought new meaning into the term ‘blonde bombshell’. Over time, this idea manifested into a stereotype by which blonde women are considered the most attractive.

Yet, the whole discussion boils down to a simple question followed by an even simpler statement? What is considered beautiful? And the answer; people define beauty differently. One individual may find Angelina Jolie the most beautiful (to be fair, she has been coined the most beautiful woman in the world), while another may prefer Scarlett Johansson. The important thing to note here, is the concept of beauty has definitively changed over time. Going back to the 18th century, when it wasn’t so much hair color that was desirable, but rather body shape, as women with larger hips and a sturdy build could more easily birth healthy children. By today’s standard, the typical model of beauty is lean and fit.

Whilst many studies have been conducted with men of all ages, appearances and orientation, which may or may not provide hard evidence and statistics for the preference of blonde over brunette, one thing is clear; It is purely a matter of personal preference. Despite this, the stereotype of hair color still remains quite evident.

So whether you’re a blonde by nature or a brunette, love yourself. The opinions of others (and certainly those of men) count for nothing. You, and you alone, are responsible for your happiness.

Meg xo




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