BCM112-Week 2

Well, the second week of BCM112 lectures and tutorials are over, and what have we learnt? That we are imbeciles for choosing such a confusing and anxiety-ridden degree. Honestly, if I told my father that I’m attending university to make memes and fly drones in class, he would snort in derision and call me an idiot. However, this lecture did have a purpose; to spark some form of idea that could take shape in our digital artifacts project.

dr evil laugh - when your parents think you're getting an education but you're studying media and communications

Which brings me to my next point; our Digital Artifacts Project. The lecture was primarily spent listening to guest speakers (current and former uni students of communications and media) who revealed their own projects in an attempt to inspire us towards an idea. And thank God for them, because it worked. (sort of)

The speakers told us to take something we know or are interested in and make that the focus. My interests are, but not limited to; film, music and home (more specifically, my property back in Dubbo). And I now know how hard it is to move so far from home to a place that is completely foreign and unfamiliar. One thing that has surprised me the most, is how many ‘city’ people are curious about my life back in Dubbo. They can’t believe what it’s like to work on the land, own and manage a property. So my idea was to create a multi-media project, perhaps a short film or documentary, on the comparison between the country and city life. These lifestyles are complete polar opposites (something i have come to realise whilst living away from home) and many people are brought up in one, with a grand lack of understanding of the other. If I could find a way to subtly compare the two, i could achieve a project that would reveal the best and worst aspects of ‘city vs. country’ living.

Good luck to me,

Meg xo



3 thoughts on “BCM112-Week 2”

  1. Your digital artefact sounds so good! It’s so good that you can actually use something you know so well and portray that through the use of a multimedia platform that you understand and find intriguing. I think it would even be cool if you focused each similarity/difference for a different post/video. Like one post show the community at home and then Wollongong, but it sounds heaps good!

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    1. Thankyou for your feedback @neslizfry. It was an idea i had based on my personal feelings regarding my life at home and my new one in Wollongong. I appreciate your comment and suggestions.


  2. Well. I kind of enjoy your article, especially how you use informal way to start your work. It was helpful to drag the attention of people like me to read your blog. And then you put your personal information about your father’s opinion on the assignment of bcm 112 was fun to read. Your meme was fun to see too.

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