BCM112-Digital Artefact

The last week, admittedly, has been a real struggle for me in regards to brainstorming ideas for the Digital Artefacts Project. And after many sleepless nights of tossing and turning and trying to best my original idea, i have succeeded. My original idea of a country vs. city YouTube channel has been scraped in favor of a new one, of which I am much more excited by.

My new idea? An ‘Entertainment Blog.’ A blog (or similar media platform) will consist of all things entertainment in relation to film, television and the like. I will incorporate personally written film reviews and analysis of popular films over the past decade and prior. This blog will be an ongoing project, not just for this course, but for the duration of my degree as entertainment media is an area i endeavor to build my career around (with any luck).

I will begin this project by exploring the popular discussion site known as ‘Reddit’ and building my online presence through this. This includes posting comments and inciting discussion through others posts and reviews, whilst also uploading my own reviews to the site. If all goes according to plan, I will get my name and reviews out there and if I can amass a decent following, I can move from the Reddit site to a blog or website of my own design. This idea relies heavily on audience participation for notoriety which (I pray to the Gods!) will work in my favor.

Here goes nothing!

Meg xo


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