Indecisive is Me…

I have often wondered why i change my mind so often and why I cannot seem to commit to an idea once I have it. And yes, we are talking about my Digital Artefacts project for BCM112. At first I had (what I thought was) a cracking idea that involved comparing country life to city life. This would take form in a YouTube channel. But naturally (Being the imperfect perfectionist that I am) i scrapped that idea and endeavored to form a better one. I then decided to create an entertainment blog, which would be dedicated to all things entertainment, including film reviews, critiques on directors/actors and celebrity gossip. That idea was formed over a week ago, and I have barely even begun work on it. To conclude, I am simply not excited about this approach to my DA project, and if I’m not excited about it, why am I doing it?

So, after many sleepless nights and much time spent staring at a blank sheet of paper with pen in hand, I am inspired. You see, about a year ago, my best friend introduced me to the world of crossfit (and to all you anti-crossfitters out there who are currently rolling your eyes at me and sighing, shut up and listen). Crossfit did wonders for me, in terms of opening my eyes to a world of health and fitness I knew very little about. I embarked on, what can only be described as, a journey of health and fitness dedication. I conducted massive amounts of research into the definitions of health and fitness, and applied what I had learnt to my own lifestyle. Safe to say, I have come a long way and I owe everything to that friend and my coaches who helped me better myself in every way.

Which leads me to my DA idea. I was recently approached by a fellow classmate last Thursday after I gave a presentation on the health effects of sugar, and she told me how inspired she was. I told her about my passion for health and fitness and, over a cup of coffee, my own journey over the past year. We talked about her classes and my own and how I was struggling with my DA idea. She finished the conversation with a farewell and a comment that sparked my idea, “You have an opportunity here, to effect change in students who don’t know what you know.” I am forever in this girl’s debt.

So my idea is to create a health/fitness blog or website. This blog will specifically target university students who may struggle with making good choices and decisions when it comes to their health, due to their new found independence, restricted finances or lack of time. The blog will contain meal prep recipes with an easy to follow format including average cost, time to prep etc, a fitness thread with workouts that are efficient, easy to do and don’t require membership to a gym, as well as health articles written by yours truly, dealing with issues such as stress management, sleep requirements, advantages of cooking your own meals and so on and so on. With any luck, i will be able to effect change and hopefully help university students to live a life of health, fitness and bettering themselves.

Meg xo


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