BCM112-Week 4

Its funny how many of us leave a university lecture completely overwhelmed, confused and in need of a rope and strong rafter in our roofs. I felt this way coming out of BCM112 on Monday, dreading the kind of study i would have to do to better understand the lecture and catch up. To me the lecture made no sense and, whilst the content was somewhat clear, the non-linear format of the lecture itself was ridiculously complex and off-putting…but that was exactly the point.

In a cruel, twisted way Ted (our almighty lecturer) designed this lecture in this exact way as a symbolic representation of the very thing we are attempting to understand through study; the internet. His line of thinking; the internet is a space hub. A never-ending platform of information, knowledge, entertainment etc etc, that our society has become so dependent on today, but can never fully understand. And just like that, this week’s lecture clicked.

Learning about craft and the art of digital making in this week’s lecture not only gave myself and others a better hold on our dreaded DA project, but gave us a new understanding of craftsmanship, as outlined by David Pye. He explained craftsmanship, (in a typically annoying and convoluted way) as “simply workmanship using any kind of technique or apparatus.” Is this not the internet?

A place where complete nobody’s can post anything they like, from influential topics of debate to what they had for lunch, and this in itself is defined as craft. Take Thomas Sanders for instance, who began as a high school Youtuber who specialised in Vines making humor of little things that occur in every day life. This simple form of craft exploded with a huge following and expansion to other media platforms. Now Sanders guest stars on talk shows, helps advertise for campaigns and companies within his videos and aims to make the world a better place though his art. This kind of craft is impressive and something so simple to have been fostered through the internet.

-Thomas Sanders (Facebook)

I’m sure we can learn a thing or two from this kind of craftsmanship, and apply it to our own DA projects. Much is our hope.

Meg xo


8 thoughts on “BCM112-Week 4”

  1. Hey! I found this blog heaps interested, I too came out of the lecture feeling confused and a bit lost and this has helped me understand it even more. Also the example you gave about Thomas Sanders really helped me understand the meaning of craftsmanship and crafts. So thanks for that! 🙂

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    1. I’m so glad you found my post helpful! My goal is to help others better understand the content in our lectures through my blog, so thats awesome. I have always loved Thomas Sanders and i felt he deserved an honorable mention as his vines are craft in its purest form!

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  2. Hey
    I really liked your post!
    I too was confused after the lecture, but of course, as you stated, this was just Ted’s tactic to make us think and understand the lecture ourselves (I suppose that is the best way to learn).
    After the lecture I did some reading of my own, and stumbled upon how websites can capitalise on the non-linearity of the internet (which you can read here – https://books.google.com.au/books?id=fVjaAAAAQBAJ&pg=PA101&lpg=PA101&dq=nonlinear+internet&source=bl&ots=rzJWN5OWEp&sig=CsgGA5yC3-OyG6qAQszN_qKybxw&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiR-I2x5ujSAhXLxLwKHQQHD_sQ6AEIQDAG#v=onepage&q=nonlinear%20internet&f=false)
    Once again, really liked your post!

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  3. Hey,
    I wanted to say that yours blog the most interesting posts so far. I strongly agree with you about the way Ted potrait this week topic, which is to show us the non-linearity of the Internet. From link to link, and jumping from this platform to others. He showed us that there is no particular formula for the Internet, as it is combined of such diverse ranges of platforms and crafts. Additionally, the technology is available for us to easily create our own crafts and this is just the starting point don’t you think?

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  4. Can I firstly just mention how easy it was to navigate my way around you blog site, the format is very clear and I like how the all the blog posts links are available on the homepage. The way in which you related the confusion of the lecture with the chaos of the internet helped me understand the structure of the lecture content, thankyou! Indeed the internet has helped people to become craftsmen and take control of each step in the process.
    Talking of YouTubers, a group of guys who studied as UOW made their on channel and were able to get enough attention that they were able to include some Australian celebrities in their videos – just shows how far you can go with your passion with a tool like the internet!

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  5. Hey Meg,

    Love what you wrote, it really helped me understand what Ted was going on about during that lecture. Loved how it flowed and was so descriptive. The way in which you have described and given examples helped explain and back up what information you wrote and i loved that you used Thomas Sanders as the example as most people would be able to understand that due to hime going viral many times. Excited to see how your ‘dreaded’ DA project gets going x

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  6. Hey Megs,
    I love the starting of your blog and it really kept me interested in what you were writing about, you gave a connection as though you were speaking to the person more than just writing tones of facts. You also kept the facts simple and easy to understand. I like how you gave an example of Thomas Sanders in making it easier to understand. I look forward to reading your next post.Loads of love x. Good luck with the DA project.

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