MEDA101-Project 1

Well it finally happened! I finally found a course that fosters my interest and passion for film, and assesses my ability to utilise this knowledge to create my own films. (Thank God!) It is currently Week 4, and having just learnt that we are required to keep an online ‘journal’ of our reflections and ideas for our projects, I’m just trying to quickly write a post and get it out there so i fulfill the requirements for assessment. (Sorry John)

So far, in learning about early cinema, the art of photography, remoscopes and soundscopes, our first project is coming into shape. Our first assessment requires us to create a 30-second silent video, purely with the use of remoscopes (still footage) in response to George Ella Lyon’s poem ‘Where I’m From.’ Basically we have to create a video that accentuates where we are from; our home.

My response consists of a series of shots and remoscopes of my farm back in Dubbo, which will create a sense of nostalgia and strong emotions with home that will (hopefully) be achieved through my video. This first assessment is due in exactly a week, so good luck to me!

Meg xo


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