BCM110-Week 4

Media Ownership and Control. When we think about the media, I would bet that many individuals would immediately think of platforms such as the internet, News channels, Youtube etc etc. (After all, these outlets have become the most popular in today’s society) There are so many media platforms out there and as a society, we rely so heavily on the content that is being offered to us. However, do any of us really consider who owns this media and if we can trust what they are providing to us?

I myself do not spend a lot of time watching the news on television. Thus, I rely rather heavily on news through my Facebook feed. If news doesn’t reach me through Facebook, then I wont hear about it (and yes, this is a ridiculously sheltered way to live for a media and communications student, but bare with me). How can I trust the news I am reading through Facebook? Who is providing this news to me and why, specifically, am I receiving certain topics rather than others?

When we study Adolf Hitler‘s reign of Nazi Germany during the tumultuous years of the second World War, it becomes evident that his manipulation of propaganda through media outlets was beyond extensive. He knew that media was the quickest and most efficient way of communicating with the general populace and his understanding of the media’s influence was one of the reasons why he was so successful in Germany at that time. But how could the people trust what Hitler was telling them? How could they differentiate between what was real news and what was merely propaganda, designed to sway their ideologies towards Hitler’s cause?

Image result for Adolf hitlers use of propaganda
Propaganda Poster identifying Hitler as a ‘liberating hero.’ Credit to brainz.org

So here I ask; who is in control of the media being presented to us through facebook? Is Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook’s founder) in control? Or is it a collaboration of individuals, companies and organisations who band together to decide what news is presented to us through this highly valuable and influential social media platform? I find that when news and information is presented to me, it is merely a suggestion of what I may be interested in, based off of what a mutual friend of mine has expressed interest in. (After all, this is how facebook works!) But just because that friend is interested in that news, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I am or that I could trust the news that I am reading.

Image result for facebook as a news source

The information that we read and absorb through facebook, (or indeed, the internet) is content that is being presented to us for a reason. So next time you are scrolling through your news feed or clicking on links to take you to every corner of the internet, stop and think; Who is controlling this information and why?

Meg xo


2 thoughts on “BCM110-Week 4”

  1. Really enjoyed the read Meg! ~ Fascinating (and a little scary) to think who in fact is controlling and publishing what we see, read and ultimately share online. Speaking of dictatorship (your reference to Hitler) provoked me to research how/if Social Media websites impacted the 2017 election of Donald Trump.. which apparently it did! (maybe another blog-post in the works). It is unsettling to know that anyone with a Social Media platform can access information and ultimately interpret however they see fit, without considering the legitimacy of the information or how (due to their interpretation) may affect the world we live in. X

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  2. Hi Meg,

    I can completely relate to the whole idea of using Facebook as a means of connection to news rather than using a television/newspaper to keep up to date with current affairs. Just from observation i’ve found that our generation is more likely to pick up a phone to find out about news and events rather than to pick up a newspaper.

    When debating on whether Facebook is a reliable source of information when it comes to news and current affairs I think it is important to consider Facebook as platform that shares posts that if you choose to click on can send you out further and deeper into the media; not necessarily confining you to the media platform of Facebook. It is with this idea that makes me think if the news isn’t reliable, Facebook can’t really be held at fault here because they’re just sharing various links and sources. Rather than Mark Zuckerberg controlling the media on Facebook I think it is us individuals who are on Facebook sharing the fallible news who are to be held at fault.

    I really enjoyed your post, especially how it was well structured so I could easily understand your ideas. Next post please include more examples because I would love to read more from you. Thanks for an interesting read!


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