BCM112-Week 8

It wasn’t too long ago, when everything released into the public domain was open to remixing, copying and modifying. There was no such thing as theft of intellectual property, it simply didn’t exist. Copyright didn’t exist.

Copyright is a term every individual, active on the internet or not, is familiar with. Truthfully it is a term that scares the hell out of me; the possibility that I have illegally breached the rules and regulations that make up copyright and the laws that govern it.

Copyright refers to the protection over intellectual property. It gives the creator complete control over their creative content for a set number of years. And yet, nearly every single person who has downloaded a film or song online, is in breach of copyright. It is that easy to do!

The popular HBO series ‘Game of Thrones’ broke records for being the most downloaded and pirated series for a series premiere, with Australia being at the forefront of downloads. More than 1 million people pirated the series 6 premiere overnight, whereas the season 5 premiere the previous year “attracted 1.5 million illegal downloads in the first 8 hours.”

Unless a product or intellectual property is marked with CC (creative commons or creative license), a product is deemed under complete control of the author. Why then, is copyright still being breached when it comes to the illegal downloading of film and songs?

Meg xo


8 thoughts on “BCM112-Week 8”

  1. Hi Meg, Firstly i really liked the formatting of your post. It was really easy to read and not too long. However I think you could have mentioned CC a little earlier and explained it’s roll in copyright. I liked the use of youtube in the post however I think adding even more links into the post would have made it more interactive. I do think that this is a very well written and can’t way to see more!

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  2. Hey Meg !
    Short and sweet which I liked, using simple terms which are able to be easily understood by the general public which may be your consumers. I got a bit lot towards the end, where CC was mentioned and then you wrote about illegally downloading content, possibly explain that a little mroe deeply. I love the meme though! Also, Australia having high rates of illegal downloading and vieing doesn’t surprise me, I mean everything is released so much later here ahah!
    Take care, look forward to future posts!

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    1. Hi, thankyou for your feedback. I apologise if the final paragraph was unclear, i was in an absolute rush trying to finalise this before a tute! I will go back and do some more editing. Its so unfair that Australia receives films and episodes later than other countries, but what can you do?


  3. Hi Meg, I think you covered the concept of copyright regimes in controlling the interaction of media users with content extremely well, and I also thought that your link to ‘Game of Thrones’ was one well worth including to add depth to your post. Amazing to think that 1 million people illegally downloaded one episode over the space of one night despite the stringent piracy laws that are in place in the modern era. Widespread participation in copyright breaches really is an interesting concept to discuss, and I believe it is this ubiquitous nature that prevents users from abiding by the law. I have attached a link to an article discussing corporate engagement in copyright practices and its role in the desensitisation of breaching such regimes in which hopefully you find some interest: https://www.wired.com/2014/01/internet-companies-care-fair-use/

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  4. Hey Meg,

    Great post. I felt that you painted a clear picture of the current effects of illegal downloading. Maybe if you could explain a little more about what is involved in illegal downloading however, it may help your readers follow along easier.

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  5. Hi Meg,
    You have developed a in-depth analysis on copyright and how it refers to intellectual property. The video you included was an informative source and was really engaging to watch! In addition, your example of Game of Thrones was a great inclusion to demonstrate to the audience how common illegal downloading occurs in Australia. The last part of the paragraph could of been added in the first paragraph, however good work!

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  6. Hey Meg,

    Great blog! I love how relatable you made it. It was extremely engaging and it also demonstrated your understanding of the content that we have learnt about copyright. I really liked your meme and the video link you added was really helpful as well. Your blog was great as it was really personal but I think you could have incorporated some more content from Ted’s lecture to help support your argument a little more.

    Overall your blog was really interesting, Great work! 🙂

    -Georgia xx

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