BCM112-Week 10

If I had a dollar for every time one of my friends asked me “Why do you have an Android?” or said to me “Ew, android is gay” I could probably afford to establish my own company and build my own ultimate phone with its own unique operating system. Ok, this could never happen for a number of reasons; one being that I’m just not smart enough to do that and second, because I am perfectly content with using my Samsung galaxy ANDROID phone.

To this day, I have never owned an apple IPhone… I owned an IPod in year 6, so as to conform to the same standards as my peers and because IPod’s were all the rage back then, but I have never wanted to own an IPhone. When Year 10 came around and my father allowed me to buy my very first smartphone, I was in the midst of a rebellious ‘I wanna be different’ phase and swore not to buy an IPhone. So I opted for the BETTER Samsung galaxy. Yes, you can call me crazy (as many of my friends do) but there is another simple explanation for this; I hate the restrictions of IOS.

The IOS operating system is what you can call a closed or locked system, meaning there is not much room for the user to change things about the phone. That’s why I have always loved the Android operating system, because it is open and unrestricted. You can change just about anything from apps to the size of widgets, and I feel like I am always discovering something new with an Android phone.

Check out another one of those ‘IOS vs Android‘ videos below.

And I am not the only one who feels this way. According to icrunchdata;

“Android OS dominates the device market, claiming about 1 billion users compared to iOS’s 470 million.”

Whilst there are a million and 1 articles about the benefits of both systems and “which system is better,” and even though I will continue to cop a lot of smack from friends who support the idea that ‘Android is gay’ I will continue to use the Android operating system. Just my personal preference.

Meg xo


6 thoughts on “BCM112-Week 10”

  1. Hey there! I just read your blog and thought it was on point! Way to go for being different and using an android! No judgements here, especially after this weeks lecture on open vs. closed operating systems. I liked the video you provided because personally I am a visual learner so that was very helpful. I found this article that I thought would add to your blog about the differences in operating systems: http://www.nsiserv.com/blog/bid/29956/comparison-between-open-source-and-closed-source-software

    Check it out and tell me what you think:)

    Keep up the great work!

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  2. Hey,

    Really liked your post. Being an iPhone by myself, Android has never been something I’ve been on, and I honestly believe it does come down to something like personal preference. It’s honestly just a phone, and I agree that it does have some better features than the Apple counterpart, like when you mentioned the restriction of the IOS system. This is something I don’t really consider when looking for a new phone though, I mean most of us usually just like to keep up to date with the new models right? I know I’d be happy with an iPhone 6, (have a 5s right now).

    I found the stat at the end really interesting, didn’t know android users nearly doubled from IOS’s, crazy. Found this funny and eye-opening video on the ios vs android debate, you should check it out 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwhK_5jgJBo

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  3. Hey Meg, awesome blog (once again), I’m one of the thousands that have conformed with society and has an iPhone, but what l didn’t know was how you stated that iPhone’s are a locked system meaning you can’t personalise it or make it your own, but with Androids you can. My dad has a similar outlook to you in which he refuses to have an iPhone and all my siblings and l try to persuade him to change over to the iPhone.

    I encourage you to remain using an Android be different, and don’t conform to society and change over to an iPhone because your friends have a different opinion. I personally don’t have the technical advancement to be able to change over to an Android cause l have been using iPhones for way to long, but hopefully one day l will learn.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  4. Hi Meg! It was super interesting to read your blog. I totally agree with what you said about people just having an iPhone because thats the popular thing to do. I think I also fall into that category because I always thought of Android’s as phones for people who were into fidgeting around with technology. I actually had no idea that you could do so much with Androids but I think people should just use whatever they are comfortable with!

    I came across this video on YouTube of an Android user trying out an iPhone for 30 days: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYcB5fZKqKc
    I’d be interested to know what kind of changes you like to make to you phone when you customise it. Thanks for the good read!

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  5. Hey there! I loved this post even though i did not agree with you at all when you say android is better… (sorry) While the android is unrestricted, it leaves room for security breaches and bugs to ruin it easier. While android phones means you can customise it more, apple layout just makes it more appealing to look at 😉 !! Anyway, i have a few links that talk about the apple vs android debate in terms of security, worth a read as it might convince you to change over haha!! http://www.zdnet.com/article/the-state-of-mobile-device-security-android-vs-ios/

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  6. Hey Meg,

    Hahaha this blog post was great and hilarious!
    I love how relatable you made this blog to your audience and related the course content back to your own life. The war between apples and android uses will never end! At the end of the day, it’s all about user preference and what a great way that you’ve explained the choice that users now have in their devices today.

    I myself am an Apple user, but i must say that I have had a samsung before and I wasn’t sold! I find the apple system much more user friendly and easier to use and in my busy life I need a device that is easy and compatible with all of my other ‘apple family’ devices. I think there are two types of people in this world, The apple lovers and the alternative device lovers! haha I really enjoyed this blog. It was super engaging and interesting to read, I loved your examples and the video you inserted also!

    -G 🙂 x

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