MEDA101 Assessment Task 3-Short Film

My home has always been my safe haven. As it is for many people, however it was the one place that I knew would be constant and never change. Moving away from my home on a small 40 acre rodeo farm to Wollongong was the hardest thing I have ever done, yet home will always be there. This home is where I’m from and this is the theme for my project.

My home’s obvious beauty is apparent in every frame, particularly as 6:00AM footage is used as the foundation of the film. Towards the final half of the film, 6:00PM footage is used to represent the cyclic nature of my days, living on and working the land from dawn to dusk. This was also my attempt at experimenting with and shooting footage in the ‘golden hours.’

The shots themselves were done using free hand motion to create the illusion of ‘constant moving’ and hard work, as is typical from work on the land. They are generally all shots of the property to emphasise my love of the land and how my childhood was predominantly spent outdoors with the livestock and nature rather than inside the house.

The main effect of my film is the use of opacy within the individual shots to create a sense of ‘time gone by,’ and to reflect on how good I had it growing up. These shots are considerably different to the foundation shots as these were generally shot during the day and contrast visually with the ‘golden hour’ footage. They sync well with and support the audio clips, and reflect how a typical day on the land consists of.

I reused the soundscape from the previous assessment task, as was always my intent, as it encompasses the theme of ‘home never changing’ and ‘times gone by’ quite well (Though editing and refining was incorporated into the soundscape as regards feedback from assessment 2). The visuals further expand on this theme.

The final shot is a reflection piece as I contemplate what I believe I have lost, yet my father confirms that home will always be here for me.

Assessment Task 3-Final Fim from Megan Adler on Vimeo.


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