Yes, this is me!

Hi all, and welcome to my personalised blog!

It is here where you will find the inner thinkings and writings of my quirky mind. From film reviews, through my transition from country to city life, to generalised posts about every day issues and concerns, this is where it’s at! You may very well be bombarded with the stubborn and one-sided views of yours truly, however, my eccentric personality and peculiarities will ensure that you will never be bored (this, i can guarantee).

I will endeavour to keep you up to date on many issues and global concerns of the modern world, though if you have any suggestions for topics of discussion, please email me on my contact page, and (if it interests me) you may find a brand new post to read. In the meantime, comment and share to your hearts content, and help me get this blog out there!

Happy reading!

Meg xo