What’s Hidden-Young Marriage

Go back 50, even 20 years, and couples getting married in their early 20's was not an uncommon sight. Families were started young and these couples often faced greater hardship and adversity simply due to their youth, as opposed to an older couple who got married during a much more secure and stable time in… Continue reading What’s Hidden-Young Marriage


Journalism 102-Assessment Task 1

Life is a Ride In: ‘It was a hot Sunday…stinking hot…’ Out: ‘…I think it’s brought us closer together as a family.” Duration: 2:03 Intro: Life in the country is no smooth ride, with danger and devastation around every turn. A young family, dedicated to living and working the land and with a deep and… Continue reading Journalism 102-Assessment Task 1


Journalists forced to tip-toe the line between Honesty and Deception.

In a world where Journalists hold an overall 31% trust rating in the public minds, how is the scoop on a ground-breaking story supposed to be obtained without resorting to undercover investigations and misrepresentation? The age-long debate, and one that raises an important question when discussing the news-gathering techniques of Journalists; Is it ethical for… Continue reading Journalists forced to tip-toe the line between Honesty and Deception.